Get something new or chase down a dream.

Family, friends, faith. Those are life's three pillars. But some extra money can also be pretty helpful. If you need a truck, SUV or RV to carry you around Alabama, we can put you in the driver's seat with a loan. If you're looking to take a great vacation, remodel a house or send a child to college, our convenient lines of credit can also provide the funds needed to make good things happen.

Home Equity Lines of Credit

  • Tap into the equity of your home for low-cost funding
  • Get access to a revolving loan fund you can tap into any time for any purpose
  • Easy access to money through checks, Online Banking or F&M Bank branches
  • Interest payments may be tax-deductible. Consult your tax advisor.

Residential Mortgages

  • Various terms available
  • Refinancing options available
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We handle payments so you can focus on growing your business.

Save time and money for your business with our ACH services
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Protect yourself or your business against identity theft and fraud.

Learning how to spot fraud is the first step. We have a library of info to help you stop cybercrime in its tracks.